CS 2:无源音柱



CS2″ Passive Series: mini version of the previous series, yet possesses amazing energy and sound.
2″ woofer with a 1″ dome tweeter.It is slim, light; very suitable for small and medium-sized fixed installation.

Professional audio with wide range, high sound pressure. Its existence can’t be “ignored”
CS series is born with slender staure and meets modern architecture.
Excellent to be used in conference rooms, lecture halls, exhibitions, courts, classrooms, shopping malls, seminars or private clubs.
Variety of installation combinations to choose from, with angle adjustable hanging accessories, making it able to be applied freely on any environment.

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Technical Specs

型号 Model CS242 CS282 CS2122
单元 Components 4×2” 低音 bass 8×2” 低音 bass 12×2” 低音 bass
组件 Components 1×1” 球顶高音 dome tweeter 2×1” 球顶高音 dome tweeter 2×1” 球顶高音 dome tweeter
频率响应 Freq.Resp 120Hz-20kHz 120Hz-20kHz 120Hz-20kHz
灵敏度 Sensitivity 89dB 1W/1m 92dB 1W/1m 95dB 1W/1m
最大声压级 Max SPL 107dB 113dB 118dB
覆盖角度 Cover 90°× 30° 90°× 30° 90°× 30°
阻抗 Imp. 12Ω
额定功率 Pow. 60W 120W 180W
输入 Input Neutrik SpeakON × 2 / Euro Block × 1 Neutrik SpeakON × 2 / Euro Block × 1 Neutrik SpeakON × 2 / Euro Block × 1
颜色 Color 黑色/白色 Black/White 黑色/白色 Black/White 黑色/白色 Black/White
配件 Accessories 标准墙装配件;选配可调节角度吊挂件 Wall/Hanger 标准墙装配件;选配可调节角度吊挂件 Wall/Hanger 标准墙装配件;选配可调节角度吊挂件 Wall/Hanger
尺寸 Dimension 79×83×548 79×83×860 79×83×1124
净重 N.W 3.3kg 5kg 6.3kg


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